Help Tyler Run an Extreme Race to Support some Extreme Kids

by Tyler Doll

Supporting: TCS New York City Marathon 2019 for Extreme Kids & Crew


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Friends, Family, and Fellow Kind-Hearted people,

Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your day to read these words. I promise, there is an opportunity for all of us to do good because of it. I implore each of you to please join me on my journey to make a difference in the lives of some amazing children as I attempt to complete the New York City Marathon. Don't worry, no exercise is required on your part, I will be doing all of the running. I am simply in need of your help in spreading the word about a truly AMAZING organization called Extreme Kids & Crew. It is a community center and welcoming space where children with disabilities, their friends, and their families, socialize, create and play.

If you are in a position to make a donation, it would mean the world to me and the whole Extreme Kids & Crew community! Your generous and thoughtful support, no matter the amount, supports me in my quest to conquer my own obstacles while challenging and surpassing my own physical limit. More importantly, your support for me during my run helps fun opportunities for the advancement of facilities developed by Extreme Kids and Crew, contributing toward new and smile-provoking experiences for children with disabilities and their loved ones. Below are some more specific details on this inspiring organization and how your donation money will be spent.

Extreme Kids & Crew's Vision:

Extreme Kids & Crew seeks to show people that disability is not to be feared, pitied or mindlessly exalted, but understood to be an inherent part of life. We will achieve this by establishing and maintaining creative community centers for the disability community, including a cultural hub that will serve to connect and celebrate people of all ages with all different sorts of disabilities.

Extreme Kids & Crew’s staff works to achieve this vision through the operation of two sensory gyms and play spaces. They have partnered with two, Title 1 funded schools to help provide opportunities to students with disabilities that might not otherwise have access to these resources. Additionally, they open these spaces to the public as an additional avenue for after school and weekend programs serving children from all over the city.

 Where the fundraising money will go:

● A year of music programming = $5,000

● Summer camp for 1 child (6-weeks) = $3,000

● Art classes for a year for 1 child = $1,000

● One week of open play during a school holiday = $500

● Art Supplies for a monthly art event = $100

● Two weeks’ worth of snacks for 10 kids at after-school programs = $50

In reading thus far and by checking out their website, it’s easy to see why my decision to run for Extreme Kids & Crew was an easy one. Through my experience as a high school teacher in Dallas, I saw firsthand how our society often comes up short in providing the resources and adequate spaces for children with disabilities. When I auspiciously came across Extreme Kids & Crew, I discovered an organization that provides children with disabilities a welcome space to simply have fun and be kids. This was an easy cause to get behind personally. Not only is it sparking growth in an aspect of education in our society that I can identify with, but to help bring joy to those young children’s faces even just one more extra day a week is enough reason for me to run, and I sincerely hope it’s enough for you to help donate to our cause.

I thank you for your generosity, your kind words of support, and most importantly for your time. I hope to see you at the finish line.

Until then…

Tyler Doll

Support Your Runner!

Each member of Team Extreme! is set to raise $2,500 for Extreme Kids & Crew and will have the chance to compete in the most famous marathon in the world! We want to show them as much support as they deserve, whether you give a little or give a lot, we thank you!