Nancy needs your support!

by Nancy Rawlinson

Supporting: TCS New York City Marathon 2019 for Extreme Kids & Crew


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Hello there!

Thank you for supporting me as I run this race! More importantly, thank you for supporting Extreme Kids & Crew, an amazing nonprofit organization that provides free sensory gyms and services for special needs kids and their families. Every single dollar you pledge will go directly to them.

Both my kids have special needs and for the last few years, Extreme Kids has been a refuge, a place of community, and a fun family outing, rolled into one. Here's a pic of my now six-year-old being rolled in a barrel at Extreme Kids (he was the cover star of the Extreme Kids calendar that year, we were so PROUD!)

Our boys need to move their bodies or they would bounce off the walls — Extreme Kids, with their ball pits and swings and massive crash pads, provides a safe, fun, and inviting environment for them. We have been able to relax and connect with other parents and children at Extreme Kids. Our children are not just accepted, they are embraced. And did I mention it's completely free? And also completely accessible and free of judgement?!

But that's not all! Extreme Kids provides free or low cost classes, after school, and summer camps for special needs kids, and acts as a hub for information and services, and provides networking and social events for parents, and if all THAT is not enough, it is also staffed by the most generous, kindest, and, quite frankly, coolest team of people you could ever have the good fortune to meet.

There are not enough organizations doing this kind of radical, loving work for children with disabilities and their families. This is why I love Extreme Kids & Crew, and why I am running 26.2 grueling miles for them, and why I am asking for your support today.

Your contribution of just a dollar per mile, or 26.2 dollars for the race, will help me get through all the training, and keep one foot in front of the other on race day. And, if you want to go big, look at some of the figures below...and know that the services you are helping to provide make a very real difference in the lives of these kids and their parents (these are not the fees that parents pay, but the costs to the organization, which they have to offset, through fundraising such as this.)

  • ●  A year of music programming = $5,000

  • ●  Summer camp for 1 child (6-weeks) = $3,000

  • ●  Art classes for a year for 1 child = $1,000

  • ●  One week of open play during a school holiday = $500

  • ●  Art Supplies for monthly art event = $100

  • ●  Two weeks’ worth of snack for 10 kids at after-school = $50 

THANK YOU! Every single contribution counts, and is meaningful. So thank you.

Support Your Runner!

Each member of Team Extreme! is set to raise $2,500 for Extreme Kids & Crew and will have the chance to compete in the most famous marathon in the world! We want to show them as much support as they deserve, whether you give a little or give a lot, we thank you!