Ami Garrigus

Supporting: WHI supports Maternal Mental Health Month! for Women's Health Innovations of Arizona


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Hello friends,

This organization means so much to me!  Maternal mental health is near and dear to my heart.  I have personally felt the effects of poor maternal health following the births of our two children.  I thought that after our first child was born I would spend my days rocking and singing to him in his nursery enjoying every second of finally having him in my arms. The first weeks after he was born I was in complete shock of how drastically different my life was going to be. I could not handle the immense task of being responsible for such a helpless tiny person.  It was all so overwhelming.  The worst part was that I felt I could not reach out for help.  I was too embarrassed and ashamed that motherhood was so difficult for me.  I was fortunate that I had already seen a counselor for dealing with issues around the loss of my father who happened to specialize in maternal mental health. She helped me immensely and I felt more prepared for the birth of our second son.  I have to admit that even feeling prepared I still needed support after his birth.  I support the mission of Women’s Health Innovations to provide care for women dealing with issues surrounding pregnancy and postpartum.  I have chosen to raise money for this organization to reduce the stigma around reaching out for help when dealing with maternal mental health and to make it easier for mothers and families to get the help they need.

All my best,


Dear Supporter of moms, babies and families,

We are so excited to be honoring Maternal Mental Health Month on May 4 at Top Golf from 9am-12pm. Would you join us? In doing so, you will help raise funds for a local non-profit offering expert counseling and coaching services to moms, babies, and families.

Women’s Health Innovations is a local non-profit and is one of the only behavioral licensed organizations specializing in treating the mental health needs around pregnancy, postpartum and parenting.

Our programs include:

* Hospital based programs

* Counseling services

* Trauma treatment

* Perinatal Coaching in office and in home by certified peer support perinatal coaches

* Therapy groups at St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center

* Professional Training

* Groups onsite on Boundaries, Trauma, Relationships, and more!

We are so excited for this very fun event at Top Golf and look forward to celebrating with all of you!

How would you like to support?