Jill's personal struggle with postpartum depression

by Jill Moore

Supporting: WHI supports Maternal Mental Health Month! for Women's Health Innovations of Arizona



I support Women's Health Innovations of Arizona because of my own personal struggle with postpartum depression.  I had this idea in my head that motherhood was all love and happiness so when I felt everything BUT that, I felt like a failure as a mom.  It seemed to come naturally for my husband, which I'm incredibly grateful for, but seeing him excel at parenthood only made me feel that much more inept.  When my beautiful daughter was 6 months old, I hit my "breaking point" and said " If this is how life is going to be, I don't want to live any longer"  If Women's Health Innovations was established when I was going through this, I would have had a support team in place.  Unfortunately, it took endless days of desperate phone calls to find someone who could give me the help I needed.  I was actually turned away by my own psychiatrist at the time because "I feel this is out of my expertise"  I am still blown away by this.  If my own doctor wouldn't see me, what hope was there?  

I feel very blessed that my husband and my family were there to pick me up when I needed it the most, but most people don't have an amazing support system.  This is another reason why I'm so passionate about Women's Health Innovations.  From our specially trained state certified Perinatal Coaches to our therapists who have extensive experience in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorders, we don't turn anyone away for ANY reason.  We all have our own stories which makes us all that much easier to turn to.  We are that shoulder to cry on and that shoulder to lean on.  The women I work with are true heroes and donate so much of their own time, away from their families in order to help other moms, babies and families who are struggling.  Please consider supporting this amazing nonprofit so we may continue providing support to our valued community.  

Dear Supporter of moms, babies and families,

We are so excited to be honoring Maternal Mental Health Month on May 4 at Top Golf from 9am-12pm. Would you join us? In doing so, you will help raise funds for a local non-profit offering expert counseling and coaching services to moms, babies, and families.

Women’s Health Innovations is a local non-profit and is one of the only behavioral licensed organizations specializing in treating the mental health needs around pregnancy, postpartum and parenting.

Our programs include:

* Hospital based programs

* Counseling services

* Trauma treatment

* Perinatal Coaching in office and in home by certified peer support perinatal coaches

* Therapy groups at St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Mercy Gilbert Medical Center

* Professional Training

* Groups onsite on Boundaries, Trauma, Relationships, and more!

We are so excited for this very fun event at Top Golf and look forward to celebrating with all of you!

How would you like to support?