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Sunniva Buck

Supporting: 2019 Gloucester Pride Stride for Gloucester Pride Stride Committee

My Team: Cape Ann Animal Aid



Working in rescue on a daily basis we get to see the direct result of being able to provide extra veterinary care.  

We see runny noses clear up, skin stop itching, upset stomachs resolve, parasites disappear, fevers reduce, limping turn to a happy wiggly gait and more.  

This is all through being able to provide diagnostics like physical exams, X-ray, blood-work, ultrasound, fungal & bacterial cultures, fecal tests, skin scrapes and then being able to provide treatments like antibiotics, steroids, prescription creams, shampoos, ointments, surgeries, pain medications, insulin, thyroid medication and so much more to help end suffering, bring health and get thousands of deserving pets into new homes!

I am walking to make sure all the animals who come to us in need can get the help they deserve.

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