Raising money to help the homeless animals!

by Kelly Galante

Supporting: 2019 Gloucester Pride Stride for Gloucester Pride Stride Committee

My Team: Cape Ann Animal Aid



Hello Everyone!

I'm excited to be participating again in the Gloucester Pride Stride Walk. And I'm sure most of you will be completely surprised that I'm walking for the Cape Ann Animal Aid haha.

I've been volunteering at the Cape Ann Animal Aid for over 13 years!! Wow, time flies when you're having fun AND raising money to help the homeless animals. I've seen thousands of adorable and deserving cats and dogs receive the love and care needed before finding their forever home. Some animals come into our facility and need to be spayed/neutered, receive routine veterinary care, behavior evaluations, etc, and then they're ready for adoption. Some, however, need more extensive veterinary care, like orthopedic surgeries. As most folks know, these surgeries are expensive! 

And of course our adoption fee doesn't increase for the animals that have had these expensive surgeries. So...this is where you, our amazing supporters, come in.

Every dollar counts and will help us to continue to help these sweet and loving animals who deserve nothing but the best. Don't you agree? 

Thanks for all of your support throughout the years!! It truly warms my heart.

Thank you,


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