by Nancy Tarbox

Supporting: 2019 Gloucester Pride Stride for Gloucester Pride Stride Committee

My Team: Cape Ann Animal Aid


Campaign has ended.


I am helping to rasie money for the Veterinary fund at Cape Ann Animal Aid.  My photo is of my pup, Hanzel. Hanzel was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid over 12 years ago and he had luxating patellas but at the time he was doing great and his knees were fine. Hanzel always walked and ran with all his friends until about 6 months ago when his knees stopped working like they used to.  For Hanzel he was lucky he has a home, my home.  Hanzel had the surgery on March 20th but for many pups that don't have a home they are not so lucky.  This is where Cape Ann Animal Aid can help.  With the money that is raised for the Veterinary fund you can help pups and kitties in the care of the Cape Ann Animal Aid live a life free of pain and disease.  Please consider donating even $5 will help me to meet my goal.  Thank you and the animals thank you too

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