Vicki Fernandez

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GlassRoots reminds me of a beehive and so my bowl is inspired by the mighty bee.

- Vicki Fernandez, 35 of Elizabeth, NJ
3rd year GlassRoots Board Member

“Sweet as Honey & as Mighty as a Hive” incorporates more glass art techniques than any other entry in the 2019 GlassRoots Bowl. Fusing, slumping, etching, and flameworking are represented on four layers of artistry. The underside of the main structure is sandblasted and etched with hexagons, followed by fused and slumped multicolor glass hexagon tiles on the opposite side of the main clear class structure. Finally, the bowl is adorned with a 3D element, a flameworked small glass bee.

Bees pollinate flowers and crops, bringing beauty to our eyes and food to nourish our bodies. The teaching artists and staff at GlassRoots create beautiful art and teach our students how, through hard work, they can also create something beautiful. However, GlassRoots does more than just make aesthetically pleasing art, the programs at GlassRoots like YES, the scientific glassblowing program, the bead shop, etc., feed our students’ minds as well, helping them find new passions and career opportunities through glass art making.

This piece was also inspired by one of my first interactions with GlassRoots, the Bead Hive. After taking a flame working class to make beads, I joined the GlassRoots Bead Hive; a chance for artists and aspiring artists to work during open studio time in the flame working shop. A few times a month I got to see new and familiar faces, from a middle school student to a local mom, all pushing ourselves to make something as perfect as we could while overcoming the challenges of working with glass.

I am not an athletic person, but every week at the Bead Hive felt like an obstacle course I was determined to beat; not for the vanity of victory but to prove to myself I could do it. Sitting with a blowtorch in front of me, I tackled my biggest competitor, a hollow bead. I was incredibly proud as I presented a necklace of hollow beads as a gift. The flameworked 3D bee is a nod to the Bead Hive, the awesome teaching artists, and peers I got to work alongside while I was there.


When our students beam with pride showing off their work, I understand, because I’ve been there, all thanks to GlassRoots.

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