Barbara Heisler

Supporting: The GlassRoots Bowl for GlassRoots


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Last few hours! I’d appreciate your vote!!

This bowl, like GlassRoots mission, is deceptively simple. The mission of GlassRoots is to ignite and build the creative and economic vitality of greater Newark, with a focus on under-served youth and young adults, through the transformative power of the glass art experience. Yet, like this bowl, the design and execution is complex. We plan, implement, evaluate and plan again -- just like I did in creation of my bowl. GlassRoots is creating significant outcomes for our students. This investment in their futures will pay dividends, it tells these young people we believe in them and in their futures. Your vote is a manifestation of this belief. Thank you for your vote and support!

Your votes will decide the Champion of the GlassRoots Bowl!

Each $10 donated equals 1 vote! 
Love a bowl (or its artist!) then raise your donation!

While it’s all in good fun - the competition is real! Our board members are creating opportunities for our students

and the programs at GlassRoots they care about fiercely!

Scroll down to see all of 15 Artists! Don't forget to read the Artists' Statements!  

Voting closes April 30!

Your vote also wins you an invitation to the Crowning Event on May 2 at NICO Kitchen + Bar in Newark where we'll have even more fun in store! 

Light hors d'oeuvres, cash bar, special menu choices!
Make it a night with GlassRoots!