Cherry Blossom bowl - vote for it!

by Mary Jaffa

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Why did I create this Bowl?  Here is my story.....

I love to see the buds of new flowers; it’s a sign that Spring is here. My inspiration is one of my most beloved signs of Spring, the Cherry Blossoms.  I crafted this bowl to show the beginning signs of Spring, using a few different mediums (glass, frit, and paint) to create the transition from Winter to Spring.

I made this bowl at GlassRoots.  GlassRoots is a non-profit org teaching kids the art of glassblowing, bead making, sandblasting or mosaics and design and gives them the opportunity to develop their untapped talents, in math and science, along with developing skills such as, patience, teamwork and problem solving! If I didn’t begin playing with my acrylic paint set as a young girl, I probably wouldn’t have started building some of the skills I needed to create this cherry blossom bowl today.  GlassRoots first captured my attention many years ago when I stopped to admire its unique corporate gifts that were designed for and presented by the Women’s Association of NJPAC.

Thank you for considering and voting on my cherry blossom bowl :-)  Every vote/dollar toward my bowl is not only greatly appreciated by me, but by the students who will benefit from the proceeds.   

Vote for the cherry blossom bowl!!   

Did you know?  Newark’s Branch Brook Park has the largest collection of cherry blossoms IN THE COUNTRY. That includes the display at the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.! And they were a gift to Newark, made in 1927 by Caroline Bamberger Fuld of the department store empire.  Below is an article from this past weekend.

Thank you for your support, but especially supporting GlassRoots!

Your votes will decide the Champion of the GlassRoots Bowl!

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While it’s all in good fun - the competition is real! Our board members are creating opportunities for our students

and the programs at GlassRoots they care about fiercely!

Scroll down to see all of 15 Artists! Don't forget to read the Artists' Statements!  

Voting closes April 30!

Your vote also wins you an invitation to the Crowning Event on May 2 at NICO Kitchen + Bar in Newark where we'll have even more fun in store! 

Light hors d'oeuvres, cash bar, special menu choices!
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