Veda Truesdale

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On a snowy morning in early February I heard a terrible crashing noise come from my living room. It turned out that my nine year old son, feeling restless from the bad weather, had decided to do some “Parkour” in the living room. Unfortunately, his actions caused a marble chessboard to fly off a side table and land on the living room floor, shattering into thousands of pieces. After I assessed the damage and helped him clean up the mess I was left reflecting upon the fragile nature of so many items in my home.

I designed this chessboard-like bowl as homage to the patience and tolerance for destroyed items that comes with parenting. The randomly-placed blue squares represent the chaos and missteps inherent to the process of growing up. At GlassRoots we teach young people to take appropriate risks, understanding that sometimes even appropriate risks can cause beautiful items to be damaged in the process. The work of a glass artist is fraught with danger and each student who comes through our doors learns a bit about their own sense of adventure and risk-tolerance. Learning this balance is an important part of becoming healthy adults.

This is why I support GlassRoots – because I believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and create something beautiful in the process. 

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