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bountiful harvest

by Erin Lynch

Supporting: 2019 Connect Fundraising for Connect Conference


loader! Christ is in Our Midst! My name is Erin Lynch and I am writing to share with you an amazing opportunity arising within the Orthodox Church. From October 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia, an event called the Connect Conference will take place.

I have attended Connect the past two years and am grateful to be attending again. Connect has changed my life for the better.

The Connect Conference offers Orthodox Christians between the ages of 21-39 the chance to connect with each other and our faith through educational engagement with high quality speakers and social activities with each other. This year’s conference theme is “The Mystery of Faithfulness.” The young adult period is a critical time of life. This conference creates the opportunity for young adults to better connect with their faith and other young adults. While forces may fragment the Orthodox Church, we as the body of Christ can come together to overcome discouragement about the future of the Church in America.

Connect has a perfect balance of learning and fellowship. It is social and promotes self-reflection. It's a retreat. It's self care. It's a time to recharge. It's a time to seek and find support from people in the same stages/situations/scenarios as you. It's a time to form relationships. At Connect, you see God! In conversation, in the eyes of participants, and in the hopes and dreams shared with each other. 

I am writing today to ask for your support in any way you can give it, whether that be through prayer or financial giving. This page allows you to give financially.

Events like this happen by the grace of God cooperating with the support of the faithful. Giving = loving. If you love what we’re doing, please let me know and I can share more about how to support us. My phone number is 302.354.5134 and my email is I would love to spread the Connect Orthodoxy message!

Thank you and God Bless,
Erin Lynch

Our mission is to engage young adults by cultivating a pan-Orthodox community focused on spiritual growth, authentic conversation, and fellowship.