Kristine Page for 20 for 20 Campaign

by Kristine Munoz

Supporting: 20 for 20 Campaign for Side by Side Ministries

Hello Friends and Family!  

As you all may know, Terry and I founded Side By Side Ministries back in 1999.  Wow where have 20 years gone!  We have been blessed to serve in ministry to thousands of young people locally and abroad.  What a blessing!  To commemorate our 20th year of ministry we have started the 20 for 20 Campaign.  It's simple we are asking people to give a $20 dollar quarterly gift to help us in or efforts to continue to serve youth.  Your donation is more needed than ever as we have begun to focus on youth ministry in communities lacking in resources to provide youth ministry on their own.  Please consider a giving at this time. 

Blessings and Prayers,


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