Kelli Shilts

Supporting: #250Reasons for Be A Mentor



I've been mentoring a wonderful 11 year old, Angelina, through Be A Mentor every Thursday since September 2018. I've seen the benefits of mentoring firsthand by her relationships with others, her desire to be inclusive, and her gratitude each and every week I see her. I love meeting with Angelina because she makes me laugh, shares stories about her friends and family, includes her friends in our meetings and thanks me for taking the time to see her every single week. Mentoring her has made me feel like I’m positively influencing her life and by extension, our growing community.

Last school year, Be A Mentor served 250 students, #250Reasons to help BAM grow. Angelina is my reason why I think mentorship is important.

Be A Mentor works to enable youth to develop positive relationships with caring adults who empower them to reach their full potential through mentorship.

I had a great 2018-2019 school year with Be A Mentor, and am looking forward to next year! Help me help BAM raise the funds for another impactful school year in 2019-2020!

Whether it's $5 or $50, every donation helps more children like my sweet Mentee, Angelina! Thank you for your support and for helping Be A Mentor make brighter futures across the Lowcountry!