Robyn Leonard

Supporting: #250Reasons for Be A Mentor



I've been mentoring Emma through Be A Mentor every week since August. I've seen the benefits of mentoring firsthand by Emma’s growth. I love meeting with Emma because I love spending quality time with her. Her face lights up when she sees me and we always have a great time hanging out. 

Last school year, Be A Mentor served 250 students, #250Reasons to help BAM grow. Emma is my reason why I think mentorship is important.

Be A Mentor works to enable youth to develop positive relationships with caring adults who empower them to reach their full potential through mentorship.

I had a great 2018-2019 school year with Be A Mentor, and am looking forward to next year! Help me help BAM raise the funds for another impactful school year in 2019-2020!

Whether it's $5 or $50, every donation helps more children like Emma! Thank you for your support and for helping Be A Mentor make brighter futures across the Lowcountry!