The Marathon Continues: Road to 26.2

by Karla Arroyo

Supporting: Friends of Wheels TCS NYC Marathon 2019 for Friends of Wheels


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The marathon continues--however, mine is just getting started. 

I will be participating in my first TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019.

I am running on behalf of Friends of WHEELS, a non-profit organization within my middle and high school whose goal is to make sure every student in Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) has the information, counseling and extracurricular experiences they need to get into and succeed in college. 

I learned about this opportunity after receiving an email from the executive director of Friends of WHEELS, Molly Delano, who was in search of WHEELS alumni who were interested in running the marathon. I had some previous knowledge about New York City marathons as a whole, but never really looked into the intensity of the TCS NYC marathon--26.2 miles. That means I'll be starting my journey in Staten Island, making my way through Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, and back to Manhattan for the finish line in Central Park. 

I have been training for the world's largest marathon by following a training plan provided by Nike. The plan denotes specific running days, cross-training days, and rest days. I started my fitness journey in December 2018 which increased my confidence to successfully complete this marathon. The more I train for the big day, the more I learn about myself, what works, and what does not. I have also met dozens of amazing people through this training process who have run the marathon and have offered valuable advice for a first-time runner. 

As one of the founding sixth-grade students of WHEELS in 2006, one notable thing I always refer to is my college transition experience. From “College 101” week where we learned about all things college in seventh grade to the amazing resources the CAR (College Access Room) provided for high school seniors, WHEELS prepared me with all the necessary tools I needed to succeed in my undergraduate studies. The CAR offered academic counseling, financial aid help, personal statement workshops, and most importantly--a guide for the next steps in our lives. Washington Heights, an area that does not have the strongest district schools, WHEELS offered a community environment that convinced even the least fortunate that access to higher education is what we all deserve. My first day at my alma mater, SUNY Old Westbury was proof of this; I felt more than prepared to start college as what WHEELS taught me always stood with me.

In just a few weeks, I will be taking on one of the biggest mental and physical challenges in my life. have committed to raise $3,000 by November 3rd, 2019. The funds raised directly support the work of Friends of WHEELS which includes: college advisement, alumni support work, individualized college counseling, college trips, alumni college visits, emergency aid for alumni, and college readiness workshops. With your help and support, I am confident I can reach my goal and get WHEELS students into the college of their choice.

Every amount counts and no amount is too small. Thank you all in advance. See you at the finish line!


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All funds raised directly support our work,

including college advisement and alumni support work,

including individualized college counseling, college trips,

visits to alumni on college campuses, emergency aid for alumni,

college readiness workshops and more. 

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