Edina Community Supporting Kids in Haiti

by Sam Shapiro

Supporting: Fundraise for Sprint! for Sprint to Cite Soleil


Campaign has ended.


Members of Sprint to Cite Soleil's team are back in Haiti building on our successful basketball and community program!  This week we are fortunate enough to bring down donated jerseys from the Edina Basketball Association to the Sprint kids in Cite Soleil, Haiti. If this is your first time hearing about us, check out our details below and our website at

We need your help!  As a part of the distribution of Edina jerseys, we are hoping to promote and raise funds with the support of Edina friends and families of Sprint to Cite Soleil.  We ask that you please follow us on:

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Please share our posts this weekend with others in the community. 

We greatly appreciate your support and welcome donations of any amount.  Thank you, and we hope you are able to follow us on our journey, changing the future of Cite Soleil.

Gen Espwa (Have Hope),

Sam Shapiro

Sprint to Cite Soleil works alongside the community of Cite Soleil, Haiti to inspire, empower, and create peace. Let's transform lives today! 

Cite Soleil, Haiti is often recognized for its extreme poverty and gang violence. We and many promising leaders within Cite Soleil believe this can change in time with sustainable, long-term programs for kids and commitment from the community of Cite Soleil. Sprint to Cite Soleil is a critical program towards driving this change. Sprint works with this community to empower, inspire and promote solidarity through 4 specific aspects: basketball, nutrition, community, and connection. Sprint's basketball program is the foundation of our program. Every Saturday and Sunday, 160 boys and girls (grades 1-12) from all across the community come to together to train in basketball. This program not only gives kids and young adults a supportive and close-knit community, but steers Cite Soleil's next generation off the streets and away from gang affiliation. These kids are all trained weekly by our 10 employed coaches, who also serve as role models. In addition to basketball, Sprint has hired 4 cooks to prepare a nutritious meal for every kid following each Saturday practice. This homemade rice, bean and meat/fish meal is too often the only meal of the day and only reliable source of food for these kids. Outside of our weekly basketball and meal program, Sprint works alongside the community to further support and inspire. In the past, Sprint has led community clean-ups, built Cite Soleil's only standing community basketball court, and so much more. Lastly, Sprint is connected with many national and international organizations and change makers to expand our work and impact upon this community and further. Sprint has supported the build of Cite Soleil's first library, is connected to two Haitian hospitals, a special needs home, orphanages, and other community programs!