Stefanie LaPierre




The situation with immigration in this country is completely out of control. Whether or not you personally believe in people being able to come to this country to seek refuge, I hope you can see that the way the current administrator is handling this situation is extremely harmful. At the end of the day we are all human, and everyone deserves compassion. I can’t stomach the idea of children getting out at the end of the school day and never being picked up because their parents were detained. I can’t stomach people being locked in cages and being denied basic care. “They should’ve come in legally”. THEY ARE HUMAN! You do not know their story and in another life, you could be them. The legal immigration process takes a lot of time, something people seeking refuge may not have. 

This fund goes towards bail and helping families affected by the ICE raids. Anything helps.

Thank you. 

About this Campaign

The Trump administration has announced a new round of raids and mass arrests of undocumented immigrantsFarm & food workers - the people who nourish us on a daily basis - are especially vulnerable at this time. They claim that the raids will begin Sunday, but many places are already experiencing a spike in ICE arrests. Today, food and farm workers in DC, NYC, FL, and across the country are already experiencing threats from ICE. At the same time, immigration officers in Toronto, Canada, are conducting I.D. checks on the streets of that city.  

HEAL Food Alliance & Food Chain Workers Alliance represent over 370,000 food workers, and we are preparing a rapid response fund to ensure the safety of our members.  This emergency rapid response fund will directly support bail, legal fees, and other emergency needs of our members in the face of these raids. Help us prepare NOW so that we can respond swiftly to support food and farm workers and their families.If you like, you can create your own fundraising page through our donation system here and create teams as well. 

#NoBan #NoBorders #NoRaids #NoWall #SanctuaryForAll #AbolishICE

How Will Funds Be Disbursed?
The HEAL Food Alliance and Food Chain Workers Alliance are accepting requests from affected workers and their families who are members of our member organizations across the United States and Canada, and distributing funds directly to those affected by ICE raids. We have also made a $2,000 donation to the UFCW Local 1529 Emergency Fund, so they can similarly distribute cash directly to workers in need in Mississippi. (Updated August 10)

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