Karen Kalan

Supporting: Team SRLA 2019 - 2020 for Students Run LA


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Rewind to 2015.  I was working for Students Run LA, and had the privilege of running the entire LA Marathon with high school senior, Jocelyn Rivas.  You see, Jocelyn was born in El Salvador with a broken neck, broken back and broken feet, and was never expected to survive, let alone run a Marathon one day.  Thanks to Students Run LA, she was given the resources and confidence not only to complete a Marathon, but to succeed in life.  Today, Jocelyn has graduated college with a degree in Computer Information Systems and has completed 49 Marathons!  (she hopes to become the Guinness World Record Holder for being the youngest  Latina to reach the 100 Marathon mark).

And Jocelyn is one of thousands of students whose lives have been changed by Students Run LA. While each story is unique, the goal of reaching the finish line is shared.  These are not your typical runners; many of these students come from drugs, gangs and poverty and are failing in life. Training for the Marathon has given them a sense of purpose and a goal that seems unreachable at first. By training for 6 months with their volunteer teacher/leaders, 99% of them reach the Marathon finish line and go on to graduate from high school.  Truly remarkable.

On March 8th I'll be running my 10th Marathon for Jocelyn and so many others like her.  Please help me to raise much-needed funds to help support SRLA, which is free to all 3000 students who take part in the program.  I will be paying for my race entry and all expenses, so rest assured that 100% of your donation will be directly benefiting students.

Team SRLA supports SRLA students as they embark on a journey of a the starting line (AND FINISH LINE) of the Los Angeles Marathon!

Now in its 31st season, Students Run LA (SRLA) creates a safe, supportive community at 180+ public schools, welcoming 3,000+ students of all backgrounds and abilities to train alongside their volunteer mentors to complete the Los Angeles Marathon.

Through this life-changing experience, students discover their best selves and learn how to make plans for the future.

Team SRLA members inspire SRLA students while they keep SRLA running with their fundraising efforts!


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