Life Matters: May 2020 Giving Campaign

by Chris Cathell

Supporting: Peer to Peer for New Life Family Outreach


Campaign has ended.


Hello Everyone!

Due to COVID-19, New Life Family Outreach had to cancel one of our major fundraisers, the Walk For Life. The event brings in thousands to our non-profit. The Walk for Life would’ve been this month but the uncertainty of social restrictions forced us to cancel it this year. As board chairman, it’s grieves next to see the loss of funding. So it’s our goal to raise $20,000 to cover what we would’ve raised during the Walk For Life.

Peer to Peer campaigns are an essential way you can give to your local Pregnancy Care Center. New Life Family Outreach appreciates your support! 

You have the option to Donate, one time or recurring, as well as setting up a personal fundraising page for New Life Family Outreach. Personal Fundraising pages can be shared on all Social Media Platforms for your convenience. 

Again thank you for your willingness to give and may God Bless your efforts! 

How would you like to support?