For My Global Family

by Morgan Ditto

Supporting: 200 for $20 for AIDSpirit USA



I'm so excited to be a fundraiser once again on behalf of my favorite organization, AIDSpirit USA. As you may know, I've been volunteering for this fantastic group of people for 5 years now, and I've traveled to Uganda twice. And I can't wait to go back and see my friends and family at Tender Mercies Outreach Foundation.

As the funding partner for this Uganda based NGO and the local Billings, MT coalition of HIV program providers and clients, AIDSpirit USA serves it's mission with strategic selection of groups who are all in it for the same reason: love. Love is what guides us, and helps us fulfill our goals. We change lives everyday with the work we're doing, and I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my life!

So what am I asking for? My personal goal is to engage the next generation of donors for AIDSpirit USA. I want to solidify the fast paced growth we've experienced in the past few years, and I need your help.

The next generation of donors deserves opportunities to create change in affordable ways. And that's what we're doing!

SO... 50 of you sign up for $20 a month donations, and we will raise $12,000 in 2020!

What would $12,000 buy you ask? Well let me tell you:

  • Dedicated social worker, nurse, cook, and caregiver providing love, support, and care for 30 plus abandoned or abused children in Uganda.
  • Supplies for the local HIV positive communities' Food for Friends pantry for 5 years
  • 48 Ugandan children's primary school education for 1 year
  • 16 Ugandan children's secondary school education for 1 year
  • 8 Ugandan young adult's university/vocational education for 1 year
  • CLEAN WATER! Repairs for water wells serving 8 communities, and more than 16,000 Ugandan citizens

Want more information about our mission? How about to join us and volunteer and fundraiser? Contact me and join the movement!

A Small Act of Kindness that Moves Mountains

$20 a month in an average household doesn't seem to carry much weight. It is the amount of one coffee a week for 4 weeks. It is the cost of a nice lunch. It is the cost of something on sale, and we would consider it "a great deal." 

But to others, $20 a month is the difference between life and death. Many look at $20 and think it is reaching for the impossible. $20 a month is a mountain they cannot climb.

So, what does $20 a month, given by 200 people, in 12 months really do for this organization?


It changes lives, one instance of assistance, one meal, one canteen of clean water, one trimester of school, one clean mattress and safe place to sleep, one abused or abandoned child, or one person living with HIV or Sickle Cell Anemia at a time.

AIDSpirit USA has been dedicated to helping those less fortunate climb those impossible mountains since 1994. Through the dedication and sacrifice of many before us with huge hearts, they were able to raise large donations a few times a year. Because of these generous donors, AIDSpirit USA is alive today, continuing the fight. 

But as we evolve, both as a nonprofit, and as a society, we recognize that while large donations are truly a blessing and continue to support our mission, it isn't always realistic to the average household. 

So, with our new 200 for $20, we are excited to launch our campaign for the next generation of donors. $20 a month is a small gift that will support the future and great work of this grassroots organization. Monthly donors join our large donors to develop a true foundation of growth. All donations, big or small, are part of the giant work at AIDSpirit USA is doing for those suffering with or because of HIV in Billings, MT and Kayunga, Uganda.

I'm In, What Do I Do Next?

It's simple. Click on "Make a Donation", select "monthly" then choose your recurring donation value you would like to contribute. It's that easy, set it and forget it! Our team will be providing you with monthly updates and information about our programs so you can see the difference you are creating with your mountain moving financial support!

With your monthly contributions we will be able to provide funds for:

Each program we fund through our partnership with Tender Mercies Outreach Foundation and local HIV care providers is aligned perfectly to fulfill our mission and change the world for those affected by HIV in Billings, MT and vulnerable children and communities in Kayunga, Uganda.

How would you like to support?