I Run For Cora

by Clayton George

Supporting: Prenatal-onset GBS Disease Recognition Campaign for Group B Strep International

My Team: I Run For Cora Crew

On February 27th, 2016, Brittany Lewis went into labor with her daughter, Cora Faye Lewis. Unknown to Brittany, Cora had been infected with GBS during pregnancy; which is known as Prenatal-onset GBS Disease. Brittany underwent an emergency C-Section but Cora did not make it. Brittany and Will lost their first-born child to Prenatal-onset GBS. Since then, Brittany has given birth to two healthy, amazing boys that Cora is able to live on through. Cora is talked about and missed on a daily basis and my hope for this fundraiser is to educate and raise awareness on GBS, more specifically Prenatal-onset GBS, while honoring and remembering Cora Faye Lewis. 

As Cora's uncle, it's my desire to use whatever platform I have to achieve the above goals and help honor my niece. This fundraising campaign will use the platform of running as I will be racing in six (6) ultramarathons in 2021, all of which will be used to leverage this fundraiser and spread awareness in Cora's name. 

                                                                                                         I Run For Cora


Thank you for joining us for our Prenatal-onset GBS Disease Recognition Campaign! We need your help to promote awareness that group B strep (GBS) can infect babies not only once born, but also before birth. Currently, most medical literature only acknowledges two types of GBS disease: early-onset (birth through the first week of life) and late-onset (after the first week of life to several months of age). However, pregnancy is also a distinct time when babies are susceptible to group B strep.

Our goal is for prenatal-onset group B strep disease to be widely recognized in order to promote research for its prevention and to #starttheGBSconversation to inform pregnant women worldwide about knowledge-based strategies to help protect their unborn babies from being miscarried, stillborn, born too soon, or born already sick due to group B strep.

GBS causes an estimated 57,000 possibly even up to 314,600 unborn babies

to die in their mother's womb or be born already infected each year as well as

potentially causing 3,500,000 babies to be born too soon!


Here's what we're doing:

  • Developing an information sheet for patients to share with their healthcare providers about much-needed knowledge to help recognize and possibly prevent GBS infections during pregnancy
  • Developing an informative guide or "white paper" to inform readers about the complex issues surrounding prenatal-onset GBS disease 
  • Hosting online conferences with presentations by experts in GBS disease prevention and research

Here's how you can help:

We are grateful for your support! 

#AsAGroupBTheChange  #starttheGBSconversation  #POGBSDrecognition

How would you like to support?