Landen Lindner's Crew

by Emilee Lindner




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Landen’s Story: Landen had bald spots appear shortly after he was three years old which was Winter 2017/2018. We noticed them while he was getting his hair cut. The time matched up with the birth of Charlotte. It was assumed that the change in our family dynamic caused additional stress. We continued to watch his spots and they resolved without any treatment within three months. We never thought much more of it until we found more bald spots Spring 2019. Since then we have had some up and downs. Current bald spots responded to treatment, but more began to form and did not responded to treatment. We were fortunate that we could cover most of his spots by strategically cutting and combing his hair, but then it became more aggressive. Landen went bald in less than two weeks and then lost his eyebrows and eyelashes two months later. Landen has rocked the bald look for over 2 years and he couldn’t look more handsome.

Outside of having Alopecia Landen continues to be a healthy, happy normal {almost} 8 year old and we are beyond grateful for that. The process still can be emotional, but it is getting easier. I share Landen’s story to spread awareness. In his own words, “Hair is not important.” I honestly am not sure how such a little boy can stay so strong, but he does. Please be kind, please teach your children to be kind and please help normalize differences. For more information about Alopecia you can visit or

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