Helping CAP in thoughts of Novella

by Sarah Stout




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Our daughter Novella is 5 years old and has Alopecia Totalis. Novella is a very positive and outgoing child who loves to dance, make new friends and loves to help cook or bake. She definitely lives life perfectly fine without hair. And she has no problem explaining to other people and children that she has Alopecia when they ask about her not having hair. Novella was born with a full head of hair and at a year and a half she had flu like symptoms for about a week and then we realized weeks later that her hair was falling out very slowly. We definitely didn’t know what Alopecia was and thought maybe she was pulling her hair out herself. But that wasn’t the case. After seeing a dermatologist we learned that this is something that is out of our control and medication is not guaranteed to make the hair grow back. I joined groups on Facebook and was lucky enough to meet a mom/mentor from an Alopecia Facebook group. She gave me so much information and shared her personal journey with her daughter having Alopecia. Some days were harder than others as time went on when more of Novella’s hair started falling out. But I knew the best thing I can do as her mother was be her biggest supporter and help her in any way she may need me to. Within a year Novella lost all of her hair but did keep her eyelashes and eyebrows. Alopecia is so unpredictable and there is no telling what type of hair loss can happen next wether it be her eyebrows or eyelashes or having a patch of hair grow on her head then it fall out again. So here we are at 5 years old and teaching her to embrace her beauty and to bring awareness to our friends/family and local community. My goal is to help raise money that goes to Children’s Alopecia Project which they forward their services by helping other children with Alopecia. If you can help out in any way it is so greatly appreciated and I know Novella will benefit with CAP’s and her family giving her amazing support! 

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