Friends & Family

by Teri Leffler

Supporting: Friends & Family for A Mighty Change of Heart


Campaign has ended.


    A Mighty Change of Heart was started by two couples, one of which had been fostering for years & had eventually adopted 6 of them. They were looking for a new way to help support foster children. The other had personal experience in their childhood, growing up with foster children in their home and the cause had a special place in their heart.

    We provide personalized duffel bags to foster children all over Arizona and have delivered over 3,500 bags to date. When children arrive at a foster home, they often have nothing of their own or if they do it's in a black garbage bag provided by the state. Our organization allows foster parents to order a free, personalized duffel bag through our website. The bags are embroidered with the child's name and full of all NEW items like: 2 outfits, pajama's, underwear, diapers & wipes, shoes & socks, hygiene supplies, books, a toy and more. These bags have meant so much to these children & are often some of the only new items these children receive.

    I wanted a way to help foster children as well and am excited to be able to work with A Mighty Change of Heart. My goal is to help spread word of what they do and to raise money for their organization. Please consider helping us in one or more of the following ways:

    1. Donate (AZ offers a $1 for $1 tax credit for our donors)
    2. Share us with foster parents you know.
    3. Share us with friends & family looking to donate to a great cause.
    4. Reach out to us about hosting a fundraiser or drive yourself.

How would you like to support?