Spencer's Eagle Project

by Spencer's Eagle Project BSA Troop 1776

Supporting: Friends & Family for A Mighty Change of Heart


Campaign has ended.


My name is Spencer Smith. I am a boy scout affiliated with troop 1776. For my eagle project, I am teaming up with "A Mighty Change of Heart" (AMCHAZ) to help them in their amazing cause. 

Far too often, children enter the foster care system with absolutely no personal belongings. AMCHAZ's main purpose is to provide as many of these foster children as possible with some of the basic necessities. AMCHAZ begins by providing personalized duffle bags with the child's name embroidered on them. Each bag will contain gender and age-appropriate brand new clothing, shoes, toys, balls, books, personal hygiene items and of course a stuffed animal. 

As part of my project, we will cleaning, organizing, and inventorying the AMCHAZ warehouse. We will be adding covered bins, shelves and items to help streamline their process to help more foster children.  I am running a fundraiser to gather much-needed donations that will assist in helping AMCHAZ run as efficiently as possible in order to help as many children as they can.

A Mighty Change of Heart is a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization which means there is a dollar for dollar AZ Tax Credit up to $1,000 for those filing jointly and $500 for those filing single.  

Please consider donating to this amazing cause!

Thank you in advance for your support.

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