Forever Change Their Future!

by Stephanie Wehring




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I recently told someone that we can't help every child in this world but we can help the ones that have been entrusted to our care and that starts right in our own community.  Before I became director of Boys & Girls Club of Washington County, I had no idea the impact this organization made - from offering homework help, a healthy snack, or a fun and safe place to just be a kid - the Club is an amazing place for youth throughout the school year along with providing spring break and summer programming.  As you can imagine, it takes a lot to run this organization and that's where you come in...we need you!  So, please join me in forever changing the future of Washington County with your monetary gift.  That's right, I work for the Club but I also make a monthly, personal contribution.  Changing lives, changing futures - together!  

YOU are FOREVER changing the future of Washington County when you support the Boys & Girls Club!

Positive Role Models providing guidance and support

A Safe Environment for After School hours

Exposure to community and region-wide activities

Clubs - Art, Chef, STEM, Journalism, Good News - just to name a few!


Teen-focused events and facility space

No gift is too small, every dollar counts when it comes to providing GREAT FUTURES for our kids!

How would you like to support?