Maria Miller and Dick Ostermiller

Supporting: Dancing with the Big Sky Stars 2020 for Big Sky Senior Services, Inc.



Maria Miller-Celebrity Dancer

I have lived in Billings for most of my life with my wonderful, supportive family. Music was always prevalent in our household, so I grew up singing and learning music alongside my brothers and continue to perform on occasion. In addition to music, I am also passionate about working with the Special Needs community. I am currently in my third year as an aide at Castle Rock Middle School and also work the summer programs with Eagle Mount Inc. When I am not in the schools or out on an adventure, I instruct Oula, a dance fitness format, and enjoy relaxing at home with my boyfriend, Nik, and our two cats.

Why did you want to participate in this event?

I wanted to participate in the Dancing With The Stars competition because I believe in the mission of Big Sky Senior Services so strongly. We all know and love the senior citizens in our lives, and it's important to ensure their security and safety in our amazing town. I am honored to be able to use my strengths and abilities to help support our most loved community members.

One interesting fact about you that most people don't know.

One interesting fact that most people don't know is I can do a spot-on impression of Cher when singing karaoke.

Who is a senior in your life that has been an inspiration to you, why?

A senior citizen who has been an inspiration to me is my Grandma Helen. As long as I can remember, she has always been supportive and encouraging in multiple areas of my life. Her resilience and strength has only grown over the years, and she continues to be a strong role model to me and in the lives of so many others. Thank for everything, Grandma! I love you!

Dick Ostermiller-Instructor

I was born and raised in Billings. Graduating from Montana State University in 1970 with an accounting degree, l set my sights on seeing what life away from Montana was like. With stints in Chicago, Seattle, and Saudi Arabia, I eventually came back to Montana to care for my aging mother. My interest in dancing began with the introduction of the movie “Urban Cowboy “. Currently I am an instructor at Dance Fever Inc. This is my 2nd year as an instructor for Dancing with the Big Sky Stars.

Why did you want to participate in the competition?

After being the primary caregiver for my mom, I totally understand the mission of Big Sky Senior Services and am proud to dance for the cause. 

One interesting fact about you that most people don't know.

Most people are often surprised to learn that I graduated from auctioneering school and specialize in benefit, fundraisers, and school auctions.

We are dancing in honor of Marion, a Big Sky Senior Services client.

Marion is very active and loves music and dance. In fact, she has a degree in music and loves to sing. She is currently a member of the Silver Tones and sings soprano. She managed the Chateau Rouge in Red Lodge and worked as the Clerk of Court in Red Lodge as well. She moved back to Billings in 2005 and bought the home she is currently living in. 

Big Sky Senior Services provides homemaking services for her Every other Week. It is an honor to dance for Marion!

Dancing with the Big Sky Stars 2020 is unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19. People's Choice voting will remain open through April 17th. We are so thankful for the dance teams dedication and support! 

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Photos taken by Patricia Marie Photography.

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