Donation of $50 from 20 people will send 1 child to school for 1 year or provide baby formula and additional food supplements to a baby for 1 year. Helping motherless children have a "Happy, Healthy, Fed and Educated" life.

by Dorothy Dapaah




Campaign has ended


Hello, I am Dorothy Dapaah, founder of Health Support Foundation: Mothers to the motherless. We are a 501c organization supporting children in Ghana and Liberia who have lost their mothers during childbirth. We support the little ones - newborns to seven years old and we also bring awareness to maternal mortality.  

This is a topic that is not often talked about.  It is also very close to my heart because by the grace of God, I was saved from being among the statistics of maternal mortality. Giving birth to my daughter almost cost me my life. Grateful to be alive, My OBGY said "You are so lucky to be here to take care of your children."  Those words did something to me.  It developed a passion to bring awareness to the issue.

That experience gave me a heart for those children left to live a life without their mothers.  HSF is my thanksgiving to God and a way to help those unfortunate innocent precious children.

Right now, we are overwhelmed with the daily cries for help, with a waiting list that is continually growing. BUT with you being a part of our Generosity Gathering, our ability to support more families would be greatly increase.  And in most cases, your gifts will literally save the lives of children. There is definitely something that you can do to help HSF Mothers to the Motherless, help keep these children healthy, happy fed, and educated. 

Average of $1,000 will send a child to school for a year


Alternatively, $1,000 will enable a child to receive baby formula and food supplement for a year


·        How you can help: Donate $50, become a captain and ask others to support your campaign to raise $1,000 to support a motherless child.


Thanks for joining our Generosity Gathering!

  A little from you is survival for them.



I need your help to send 30 motherless children from ages 1 to 7 to school. Could you please ask 20 of your friends to give to Health Support Foundation - Mothers to the Motherless?

#GivingTuesday, Our goal is to recruit 30 Friends (Campaign Captains ) for each Captain to get 20 of their friends to give. If each "Campaign Captain" recruits 20 people to give $50 then that would be $1,000 donated from the Captain’s group. 
If each of the 30 Captains are able to raise $1,000, then we will raise $30,000 to Help HSF Mothers to the Motherless, a 501c organization, keep children Healthy, Safe, Fed & Educated.

You can sign up to be a campaign captain, donate $50, and also tell your friends.  

There are 30 children being sponsored by HSF in Ghana and Liberia. We provide milk, School fees and day care grant, etc. Do you know 20 people who are willing to support this mission?  With our joint efforts, we can a difference in the lives of the children. 

 A little to you is survival for motherless children.

How would you like to support?