by Robert Frick




From long before the Attack on Pearl Harbor and attacks on the multiple small Nations across the Western Pacific, the Incredible Heroes of our fledgling submarine force became the most effective fighting force in the World. Following WWII, through the Korean Conflict, the Vietnamese War against Communist aggression, the escalating and increasingly dangerous Cold War, the Middle Eastern Wars against uncontrolled terrorism and the rebirth of Cold War II with major threats from China and Putin’s return to the Soviet Empire, it was and continues to be, the men, the sailors, the Seaman, the Petty Officers, the Chief Petty Officers and their Commanding Officers, Wardrooms and Special Supporting Capabilities who worked continuously in deployment upon deployment in our early classes of conventional and nuclear submarines and then the 594s, the 627s, the 637s, the 640s, the 688s and 688Is and now the Trident, SSGNs, the Seawolf's and the Virginia Class submarines and crews who continue, without failure or mis-step, to dominant the Undersea World maintaining a threat that ensures peace, countering the Russian/Soviet SLBMs, Victor IIIs, the Akulas and now the supposed magnificent anti ship, anti submarine ultra quiet Russian, Soviet, Chinese submarines. 

At the “end of the Cold War” (the financial collapse of the Soviets) the World declared Peace and the Peace Dividend. Our President, Our Congress, the Secretary of Defense and even the Secretary of the Navy declared “ we don't need any more submarines!”. 

In the early 1990s The Submarine Force leadership and a few extraordinary senior Department of Defense leaders such as Don Yockey (Acquisition Czar) and then Dr. John Deutch, his democratic relief, as well as our then ASN(RDA), Jerry Cann and Admirals led by Bruce DeMars who, along with the many four star Admirals and Generals around the World demanded a top priority need for more top quality submarines to ensure peace and Intelligence as well as our sustained deployment 

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