J O-C for the AAPF

by Joan Otomo-Corgel

Supporting: 30th Anniversary Giving Challenge for American Academy Of Periodontology Foundation

My Team: District 6


Campaign has ended.


Dear District VI Colleagues,

Flavia Pirih, John Kwan and I are teaming up on behalf of the AAP Foundation’s 30th Anniversary Challenge!  Yes 30 years = ½ million dollars to more than 200 recipients who became our leaders, educators, and deans.  

The AAPF supports opportunities like the Women in Periodontology program, the LEAD Leadership Development Program, the World Workshop on Disease Classification, the Senior Resident CE Symposium, and more. The AAP Foundation is the *only* 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that is exclusively dedicated to periodontology, and they’re making our specialty stronger every day.

What is the 30-year challenge?  It is a competition among the AAP Districts to see who can give the most before the Foundation’s birthday in November.  District 6 can win! The Foundation has wonderful recognition planned for the winning district, but the bragging rights alone make it worth it for us! Plus, we’ll all know that we have made a difference for the future of the specialty that has provided so much for us. 

Please click on one of our links today to join this important effort. Every dollar counts!



Thirty years ago, a visionary group of leaders determined that in order to preserve the specialty of periodontology and ensure its heritage of science and evidence-based practice, a foundation should be formed. For the past three decades, the AAP Foundation has upheld this legacy, and has grown to become synonymous with education, research, and excellence. To date, more than $5 million dollars has been awarded to more than 200 recipients who represent some of the brightest minds and most capable leaders in the field today.  

To celebrate this milestone, we've set a goal to raise $240,000 this year to secure the future of the Foundation, and we need your help! The AAPF is challenging each of the eight AAP districts to raise $30,000. 

Support the AAP Foundation and help your district win the 30th Anniversary Giving Challenge with your gift today! The AAP district with the highest dollar amount given by the Foundation's birthday, November 19th, 2020, will win. We also truly value participation, so the district with the highest percentage of participation will receive special recognition as well.

The winning district will receive:

  • A special ribbon for district members to wear at the Annual Meeting
  • Recognition on the Foundation booth, website, and social media
  • Special recognition at the Donor Appreciation Reception
  • A commemorative lapel pin for every district donor of $30 or more
  • Bragging rights!

Donors of $300 or more will receive a commemorative AAP Foundation 30th Anniversary travel mug. 
Donors of $3,000 or more will be recognized in the AAP Foundation's 30th Anniversary Society and receive an invitation to the AAP Foundation Donor Appreciation Reception at the AAP Annual Meeting.

Student donors of $30 will be recognized at the Student level of the 30th Anniversary Society.

How would you like to support?