Personal Goal for Lawful Off-duty Activity Contributions

by Ashley Weber


Campaign has ended

Protecting Employees privacy by aligning State LAWFUL OFF-DUTY ACTIVITIES STATUTE to reflect what's lawful within the STATE. 

The lawful off-duty activities statute was passed in 1990 by the Colorado general assembly to strike a balance between the legitimate business interest of employers and the privacy rights of employees.

Please contribute $5 to $10 to keep pushing this language and protect employees! This group is a nonprofit organization and is our voice at the Capitol! Let's show them support ♥️

Colorado NORML hosts a variety of events to engage with different parts of our community in unique ways to de-stigmatize cannabis use.

Colorado NORML  Monthly Meetings

On the first Monday of every month, Colorado NORML hosts the cannabis community at OH Zone located at 2020 Kipling St Lakewood Co 80215. These meetings will take place from 6 PM -  8:30 PM and are open to the public. Must be 21+ and RSVP 24 hrs before meeting.

Chapter Meeting Dates

February - 10th

March - 2nd

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June - 1st

July - 6th

August - 3rd

September - 14th

October - 5th

November - 2nd

December - 7th

Our goal is to provide FREE cannabis education and keep the public up-to-date on the latest Co cannabis news & laws. 

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