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Plastic Free Zone and GEO Can and Bottle Drive for PLAN

by Elizabeth Klosko


Campaign has ended


The Plastic Free Zone and GEO clubs at SUNY College at Geneseo are collaborating with a can and bottle drive through SDG Action and Awareness Week and Earth Month to fundraise for PLAN. We are using the can and bottle drive to help divert waste from landfills and encourage proper aluminum recycling, as well as a means of getting students involved in sustainability on campus. We chose to contribute to PLAN as we are a part of their network and could possibly benefit from the funds they have for students and campuses working on a "Break Free From Plastic" Pledge.

No college campus has fully eliminated single-use plastics. We’ve developed the tools to make it happen. With your help, student leaders can bring our model to every campus in the country and eliminate 1.3 billion pieces of plastic waste each year.

PLAN offers campuses a roadmap to zero waste. Over the last 10 years, our programs helped students divert over 12 million pounds of waste from the landfill and the ripple effect of that work has impacted over 5 million students across the country.

Momentum is Building

We’ve worked with over 200 student interns & fellows to support zero waste commitments, with more campuses joining each year

Fellows at UW Madison delivered a proposal to eliminate 8 million pieces of single-use plastic each year, saving over $1 million in annual expenses and funding student positions to collect and wash reusable to-go ware

Our Digital Resource Library contains over 500 case studies and detailed guidance for planning and executing zero waste programs

Years of research went into our Reusable To-Go Manual, the first guide of its kind to outline step-by-step how to eliminate all single-use plastics in dining operations across campus

20 campuses have signed the Break Free from Plastic Pledge through PLAN’s support of student advocacy

Williams College was our most recent campus to sign, committing to eliminate all non-essential, single-use disposable plastics campus-wide by July 2025

You are the Movement

With your help, we can put action plans on every campus administration’s table to commit to going plastic-free. This work is made possible by you all. We are seeking committed monthly and annual donors to support the long-term stability of our work.

There are many ways to support the Student-led Zero Waste Movement, but we deeply appreciate contributions to this fund from those who have the capacity. PLAN's Movement Building Fund helps us address financial barriers students face in zero waste work. This fund allows us to provide free attendance to events, reduce membership costs, pay student organizers, and more.

Collectively, we can build a world beyond waste.

How would you like to support?