Fundraiser Towards Therapy Sessions for Black Women and Girls

by Valéry Brosseau


Campaign has ended

Recent events have caused outrage from many white folks. Recent events should not be our call to action, systemic violence and racism have been around forever, they are rampant and they are continuing and our call to action should be every day. I want to do better, I want to learn to respect boundaries and emotional labour and put the onus on myself to get educated and to unlearn what I have been taught. I want to not perpetuate trauma by sharing images and videos of Black bodies being brutalized and murdered. I want to understand and change the ways I am harmful in to Black people in Black spaces and conversations, and in any space for that matter. It's not enough to be shocked. Racism is not shocking. It is ever present and keeps being perpetuated. Racism is a disgusting pattern but can only be fought by white people reflecting on our own internalized racism and biases, even if we are not meaningfully racist, regardless of intention, and sitting with the discomfort of acknowledging that we participate in and benefit from white supremacy. To all the Black people in my life and everywhere, I know it's not enough but I see you and I hold space for you. I want to listen and learn. 

Please consider donating to this cause; as someone who works in mental health I know the power and importance of professional therapy to healing and processing trauma. Black women and girls face unique barriers to accessing mental healthcare and your donations will go directly towards providing therapy sessions for people who otherwise would not have that opportunity.

Thank you!

We have moved! Please visit this link to give to The Loveland Foundation. We are so grateful for your support!

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