Miss Oysterfest

by Landrie Whitenton

Supporting: Competition Magazine Showcase Pages for Miss Texas Organization

Hello beautiful people!!

My name is Landrie Whitenton and I am currently a senior at Bishop high school. It is an honor to say that as Miss Oysterfest 2020, I am a part of the AMAZING organization that has provided scholarships to Texas women since 1937. The Miss Texas Organization has given me a voice to raise awareness about scoliosis, a condition I have been very familiar with my whole life. In 2018, I underwent major back surgery to correct my scoliosis, and now I am a 5’2 dancing machine with an exciting addition of 2 rods and 16 screws. Not being aware of the proper testing, scoliosis impacted my life tremendously. My scoliosis journey has taught me that I can overcome ANYTHING as long as I have faith, hard work, and determination. My goal is to raise awareness about this condition so EVERYONE can be prepared and know what actions to take in their future if diagnosed with scoliosis. One Ad purchased in the Competition Magazine will provide candidates like myself with amazing scholarships that will be very beneficial in our future. If received, these scholarships would help me attend Texas A&M University in the fall and pursue a Degree in Nursing. As a nurse and candidate in Miss Texas, my goal is to teach other young adults that nothing is impossible to overcome, not even scoliosis. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey. I am so excited to see what the future holds!! 



Landrie Whitenton

Miss Oysterfest 2020

Each year, the Miss Texas Organization is proud to present the Miss Texas Competition Magazine. This magazine is made available for advertisement by businesses, families and volunteers who want to promote their company, show support and wish their competing candidate Good Luck by purchasing a Magazine Showcase Page.

Our magazine is seen by tens of thousands across the nation, is sold all year long and is a popular coffee table accessory that may be viewed through out the year. Each candidate competing for the job of Miss Texas or Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen, sets a goal of how many magazine showcase pages she wants dedicated just to her. Thank you in advance for your support.