Miss Lewisville's Outstanding Teen

by Katherine Omo-Osagie

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Hello! My name is Katherine Omo-Osagie and I am competing in the Miss Texas Outstanding Teen competition as Miss Lewisville’s Outstanding Teen.

Currently I am a Junior at The Colony High School where I am enrolled in Collegiate Academy and am on target to have 60 college credit hours completed by May, 2022 thereby earning an Associate Degree alongside my High School Diploma. I am a member of the National Honor’s Society, Phi Theta Kappa and on the Dean’s List of Collin College.

I am also a member of The Colony High School Varsity Cheer team and look forward to serving as Team Captain my senior year. I have a background in competitive gymnastics and am a 2X USAG Level 10 National Trampoline Champion. 

My platform is BREAKING THE CYCLE of abuse. Growing up, I witness many episodes of domestics abuse and I have seen first hand how children continue the cycle of abuse by repeating the behaviors that they saw growing up.  Many people are not even aware they are in an abusive situation because it is all they have ever known. Education is the critical piece for teaching acceptable vs unacceptable behaviors and my message applies to Abuse Survivors of all kinds.

My purpose in running for Miss Texas’s Outstanding Teen, is to leverage my story and personal message. I want to be remembered as the MTOT that fought to be the voice of unheard people in abusive situations and I will collaborate with shelters and other various organizations in an effort to Break the Cycle of Abuse within Texas Communities.

But, I need your help!

Please consider donating to help me further my education and journey to becoming Miss Texas’ Outstanding Teen by purchasing an ad page in Miss Texas Showcase Magazine!  All donations are tax deductible and are applied to the Miss Texas Scholarship Fund  Please contact me at if you have questions!   Any amount is greatly appreciated and THANK YOU in advance for your support!

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