Ride Cotuit

by david kuehn

Supporting: The Gasp for Barnstable Charitable Foundation, Inc.

My Team: Cotuit Center for the Arts



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Over the past ten years I have seen first hand the value Cotuit Center for the Arts brings to our community. The haven of arts and culture, and of community interaction are important beyond measure. We are so much more than a campus housing beautiful artwork, producing top-notch community theater, providing meaningful arts education and presenting world-class performers - we lift the souls of our friends and neighbors. And since March we have made difficult decisions, have set the stage for future maximum flexibility and have adjusted our planning to ensure we are here not only when there is a Covid-19 vaccine, but for generations to come.

And in order to do that we seek your help in supporting the GASP - this year a virtual ride taking place over the course of a week. I am committed to riding 100 miles during that week and have set a personal goal of raising $100 for each mile I ride. 

Thank you so much for the continuing support. And if you would like to join our team, it's easier to ride this year than ever.