Missionarie2Marriages - Reaching The World

by Joseph DeMott




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Hello All!  As many of you know,  my parents are the founders of Missionaries 2 Marriages.  It is amazing to see how God is moving in the families of the nations. What is amazing to me is how God has been able to not only heal marriages, but use M2M to help provide the funds needed to bring healing into the homes of the nations.  These needs range from training materials for pastors, as well as home church leaders; and equipment to further the kingdom reach into the worldwide churches virtually.  

Please prayerful consider helping us expand this work of the Lord! Any amount helps, even 5 dollars goes a long way. 



Missionaries2Marriages is ministering to marriages and families in over 25 Nations. Our “8 Keys to Breakthrough-Victory in your marriage” is in 15 Languages. As the God prepares the hearts of the marriages we must be ready. There is much work that is done daily to build and expand this ministry and its global network. From the course and video training, and teaching by Missionaires2Marriages couples, thousands are being ministered to around the world. Please consider being a monthly Partner with us for $18 a month. Our desire is to raise up the equivalent of 200 new monthly Partners ay $18 a month. The number 18 in the Hebrew means “life”. Please pray about sowing life into the marriages of the world. By your financial gift you are personally ministering to these couples and families.

How would you like to support?