Spread the Miracle League Love’s Contagious

by Michael Reuling

Supporting: 2020 Radio-thon on the Lake 94.7 for Miracle League Northshore



“The best hour of my week…….” That praise is how I describe my time with the Miracle League, and even at that, it’s an understatement.  I have always had a heart for kids with special needs, and when I had the opportunity to get involved with something that blends one of my biggest passions, baseball and serving special needs kids, it was a match made in heaven.  I’ve been involved with the Miracle League as a coach and buddy for 3 seasons, and as I mentioned above, it truly is my best hour of the week.

From the minute you step on to the beautiful facility, donated by the Children’s Hospital and the Brees Family, you feel the love that is everywhere.  The kids are so excited to see their teammates, and especially their buddies that become such a huge part of their lives.  There are hugs everywhere.  The Miracle League’s motto is “Every kid deserves a chance to play” –– this mission is surely accomplished every Saturday! The joy seen on the faces of the player’s parents when they watch their kids circle the bases and see their kids enjoying their time in the spotlight is priceless.  

My first year I volunteered by myself, but over the years it has become a family affair.  All you have to do is invite someone to come watch.  Make sure they are stocked with tissue because they will need it.  Now my wife, daughter and oldest grandson are also buddies.  It’s been such a cool experience for my grandson, who loves baseball and plays on a traveling team, to have the opportunity to share his passion with these kids and experience the joy it brings them.  He has also developed an off the field friendship with one of the kids his age, that has been pretty special.  

We all face challenges in our life everyday.  However, spend an hour with these special human beings and you will get such a renewed appreciation for what is truly important in life.  

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