Craig Carpenter

Supporting: 2020 Radio-thon on the Lake 94.7 for Miracle League Northshore



I could easily hit the text limit here telling you about my daughter's personal special needs story, but let me get straight to the point.

The Miracle League has had a positive, life-changing impact for my daughter, myself, and my family.

It is through the Miracle League that my daughter finally got an opportunity to participate in a team sport, know the camaraderie of being on a team, experience the joy of getting that big hit, and hear the cheers of a supporting crowd.

These are things we take for granted.  Things I took for granted.  Imagine never being able or even asked to play.  Imagine not knowing what it's like to ever hear those cheers.  How would you feel about yourself?

I volunteered to coach in the Miracle League simply because my daughter played.

However...I keep coming back year after year because of how personally fulfilling it is to help make these experiences happen for these special athletes and because of the bonds of friendship that form in the special needs community.

Being part of the Miracle League has given my daughter confidence and joy she may never have experienced without team sports.  Being part of the Miracle League has made me a better person.

Help us continue to make these experiences possible for special needs athletes.  Thank you.

// Craig Carpenter

Join us as the competition heats up between fundraisers as they compete to be the M.V.P. of the 2020 Radio-thon. 

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