Kaluba Rebbeca

by Kaluba Rebbeca


Child’s Name: Kaluba Rebbeca

Age: 13

Birthday: 04/10/2007

Gender: Female

Location: Zambia

Centre: Jennifer Memorial Special Community School

Pupil’s ID: 2015013

Child’s information

Correspondence Language: Sign Language


US School Grade Equivalent: Grade 2

School performance: Excellent

A child attending school: Yes

Family Duties

Fetching water, Washing, cleaning plates, sweeping house and surrounding

Hobbies and Sports

Playing games on the computer, Watching cartoon & Reading Guardian

Number of siblings: 1 sister

Marital status of parents: Divorced

A child living with who: Mother

Guardian Employment: Business lady

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The Jennifer Memorial School in Kitwe, Zambia, offers deaf children a place to learn and thrive. 

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