"It's a Family Affair!"

by Pat McMillan




Campaign has ended


Eight years ago this past April (April 30, 2012, to be exact), I joined with other parents, including Dr. Vedrana Gjivoje and Mrs. Anne Thompson, to chaperone ten Bernardsville Middle School (BMS) students as they purchased hundreds of dollars of food and health and beauty items at the Bernardsville ShopRite. Armed with coupons and a $500 Sodexo check from a grant they had won, these ten do-gooders purchased boxes and boxes of supplies to stock the shelves of nourish.NJ's precursor: Morristown's Community Soup Kitchen (CSK). 

In return for their efforts, these ten BMS students received wonderful coverage in the local paper, The Bernardsville News. Just thinking of Amy Baratta's witty allusion to veni, vidi, vici in the first line of the article still prompts a smile: Coupons Cubed. In addition to the aforementioned article, the ten were profiled on a segment of Teen Kids Network, which aired on TV via WNYW a few months later.

Years after witnessing the power of our community's youth to effect positive change in their world, I learned at a relative's wake that one of my husband's maternal aunts had helped to found Morristown's CSK. Quoting lyrics from Sly and the Family Stone, I might as well sing, "It's a family affair."

Please join me in soliciting donations ONLY from friends, neighbors, and family members whose circumstances have not seriously deteriorated in the prior six months. Employing teamwork, we can  beat back hunger in our local environs. Rest assured that your donation will make a difference. 

Feel free to access the official nourish.NJ website for more information-- -- but keep in mind that "[f]or every $100 you raise, [nourish.NJ] can provide a family of four with six weeks' worth of fresh, healthy food."

The Hunger Walk is one of our biggest fundraisers, and this year, we need your support more than ever before.

The Hunger Walk raises funds for and increases awareness about issues of poverty and hunger in our community. In previous years, participants completed a 5K pledge walk through Morristown, following along with guests' stories and experiences to gain a better understanding of what it means to walk in their shoes. This year, nourish.NJ has opted for a virtual event. However, just because we can’t gather doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! 

One of the special parts of the Hunger Walk is sharing our guests’ stories with the rest of our community. For Hunger Walk 2020, participants will follow along with guest stories through an audio tour, narrated by nourish.NJ’s staff. Instead of having a single-day event, participants may fundraise and complete the walk any time between October 1-18. You will be able to complete your walk wherever you are, whether that’s through downtown Morristown, around your own neighborhood, or anywhere else! A digital story map will also showcase significant locations throughout Morristown, so you can follow along the route no matter where you are. 

ong and short-sleeve shirts are available for purchase
at this link.

All registrants will receive emails with links to the audio tour and digital story map starting October 1.

Participants can still build their own fundraising teams, from the safety of their own home.


  • Create a Fundraiser Page by clicking the Create or Join a Team button. You can register as an individual fundraiser, or join a pre-existing fundraising team. 
  • Fundraising teams are listed in a drop-down menu by their Team Captain's name–the person who created the Fundraiser Page.
  • If you are creating a Fundraiser team page but do not want your name to appear in the drop-down menu, enter the name of your team in the text boxes on the sign-up page. (Example: If your team name is "Smith Family," enter "Smith" in the First Name box and "Family" in the Last Name box.) 
  • Make sure to select the fundraiser you want to support when registering.

    Please email Maryrose Mullen at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you for your support!