Team Miracle

by Vince L




I have been a traumatic brain injury survivor since June 14, 2007 and I can say life has given me a second chance! I had no chance to live from my Arteriovenous Malformation in my brain. My brain ruptured, I had a stroke, seizure, and aneurysm all at the same time! I was in a coma for ONLY 2 weeks, when I woke up I was paralyzed on the right side of my body and I couldn't walk or talk. A few days later during physical therapy my right side of my body just started to work again! In exactly one month and a day after the AVM I was out of the hospital. Even though I was home, I had a lot of physical, occupational, and speech therapy to go through.  During my  senior year of high school ('07-;08), my health got a lot better. I was  on the swim team, went snowboarding in the winter, and I was a captain on the volleyball team, and we made it to states!!! Unfortunately, 2 years later, I had a bad seizure and I needed 9 other brain surgeries. But I kept my head up, stayed positive, and never stoped fighting! I continue to struggle with seizures and the other permanent effects of my traumatic brain injury, but I want to share my journey inspire others. 

My goal is to pay it forward. If it wasn't for all of the doctors, nurses and modern technology, I would not be alive. This fundraiser is to help pay for research to find ways for a less invasive brain surgery, whether it's new technology or different ways to heal. Also the fundraiser is for awareness, to open other peoples minds about TBI's and what we all are going through. It's a long rough road, but with everyone's help, we all can make a difference! 


At BIAMD, we act as a "bridge to help" by pointing people 

to credible national, local, and community resources which 

support a variety of issues resulting from brain injury. 


BIAMD aims to create a positive community that believes in the reality of recovery. 

We provide encouragement and inspiration through create campaigns, online media, and outreach events


The misconceptions surrounding brain injury are many.  

BIAMD promotes education and awareness outreach, educational conferences,  social media, and various programs.



BIAMD is proud to work with organizations, healthcare providers, treatment centers, and universities to promote and support brain injury research.  Only by actively promoting and advocating for additional research and resources can we advance the prevention and treatment of brain injury. 


How would you like to support?