Big Climb for a Big Cause

by Jay Schoenfeldt

Supporting: 2021 Trailmixer Fundraisers for Trailmixer - OUT Hiking for Our Community, Inc.


6 days left


As a gay may who loves the outdoors and contemplated being a park ranger, I'm happy to help raise funds for Trailmixer, a local non-profit benefiting LGBTQ+ youth by climbing one of California's fourteen-thousand foot peaks.  Often LGBTQ+ kids are alienated from their family and friends without the broader perspective their future world will provide.  They are more likely to be depressed and attempt suicide than their classmates.

Trailmixer assists smaller local charities that are still in their growth phase.  lThis year Camp Brave Trails will be the beneficiary of the funds raised by Trailmixer.  Brave Trails is where LGBTQ+ kids can learn about the outdoors, leadership, and themselves all while building self-confidence.   

Please join me to support this cause.


Hello from the Trailmixer Team!

OUT Hiking for Our Community (Trailmixer)* is an organization of hikers that promote climbing events every year to raise money for the Trailmixer Scholarship Fund to provide more safe access to nature for LGBTQ+ youth. Part of the money will also go towards services we provide to our community. Trailmixer believes in the importance of helping kids engage with other LGBTQ+ youth.  

Throughout the year, Trailmixer's members and volunteers participate in leadership workshops and community events to help provide kids with tools and skills to grow up with the confidence that they can be whoever they want to be in our society. We are working on developing new nature programs and activities with other factions of the LGBTQ+ community. Our work will grow more with your help.  

So will you do it? Will you support us?

In order to maximize your donation, each climber will cover his/her own costs for travel, lodging, food and gear for this event.

In the name of all the participants and partners of Trailmixer, we thank you. 

Trailmixer Team.

* OUT Hiking for Our Community, Inc. (dba: Trailmixer) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. EIN#  832-965-468