February 26, 2021

First and foremost, thank you so much for your early support of our story!  

We wanted to reach out and provide some exciting updates!  Thanks to some key connections forged at the last minute, we are awaiting the inclusion of endorsements from both the Whale Trust of Maui and some friends at one of the preeminent whale watching tour groups as well!  These folks have graciously agreed to provide endorsements of the story as being a great representation of humpback whales and we wanted to make sure we had the opportunity to include their endorsements!

Unfortunately, this does push back our publishing timeline by just a short bit - our current intention is to have books moving in the March timeframe and we will communicate any further updates as they become available!  

We hope your weekend is filled with joy and aloha!  

- Team HOPE

February 13, 2021

Hello, everyone!

We have some exciting news!  We are participating in the Whale Trust of Maui’s annual Whale Tale event this weekend as part of their Expo Rooms for kids!  This virtual event is being conducted via Zoom this year and we’re super excited to be part of it!  

TODAY from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. HST (12-2pm PST, 2-4pm CST, 3-5pm EST) and again tomorrow at the same time, you can join us for a reading of the book!  

SATURDAY’s link is here:

We will be posting updated information to the HI-HOPE Facebook page concerning Sunday’s reading as well!