Walk & Roll Reminders April 29, 2021

The Walk & Roll is just 2 days away and we wanted to connect with you on a few things:  

1.  REGISTER & INVITE  - Register your family online and walk with us this Saturday.  Registration helps us estimate how many people are participating.  Also would you take a few moments and invite three people to register and walk also?  Explain to them what the Walk & Roll is and why it's important to you.  Register today at -www.healingfarms.com/walkandroll

2.  YOUR WALK PLAN – The Virtual Walk & Roll can be held anywhere and you can start your walk at any time, but plan your route and start time in advance.  We suggest walking for at least 30 minutes.  Please remember to observe local mandates pertaining to COVID-19.  

3. TUNE IN - Check us out on social as we go live at 9am to kick things off.

4. ON WALK DAY - Wear your HF swag, lace up your walking shoes, gather your walking crew, and start your walk at the location and time you choose.  GO LIVE, take photos, and share on your social channels using #WalkRoll2021.  As you walk, introduce who is with you, talk about Healing Farms, and ask people to donate using the link to your personal fundraising page or the general Walk & Roll page. 

Again, thank you so very much for making a difference in the special needs community!

Tron O. Severe

Executive Director
Healing Farms - WE SEE ABILITY
office: 843-971-9300
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