Donate $888 for a Virtual Wine Tasting (only 2 available) March 01, 2021

The Fall Flavor Experience includes three styles of wine that are all ideal for pairing with the cuisine of the season. It includes an unoaked Chardonnay, a savory Pinot Noir and a light Cabernet: 

The Big and Bold Experience compares a range of three wine styles, from refreshing to robust, which all share bolder flavor than average for their wine category.  It includes a Rosé of Pinot Noir, a mildly oaked Chardonnay, and a red blend that is one of my personal favorites:

The virtual tasting session will focus on learning how to taste wine like a PRO! This is a lot of fun. Your attendees should have 3 clean large red wine glasses for the tasting. They should also have a bottle of water and some salty snacks. Sweet snacks are not recommended because they will change the characteristics of the wines

For some groups, 3 bottles may be a lot to consume in one sitting, so folks might want to consider purchasing a Coravin. This is a great device that allows users to drink wine without opening the bottle. I recommend purchasing the lower-priced model 3 because all units are pretty much the same (except for model 11). If your guests are interested, they can purchase a Coravin here. They should enter this Coupon Code "CCRBEY5SLM" at checkout to get a 10% discount.

A note from your Alan D. Alters, your Wine Concierge:

I am really looking forward to hosting the Virtual Tasting for the winners of our donated tasting flights. I've done a bunch of virtual tastings and they are a blast!

As you know, I grew up in New York City at a time when you could drink wine regardless of your age as long as you had at least one facial hair! I am from a primarily Italian neighborhood, back when Bolla ruled the roost on imported wines. I "made my wine bones" with Bolla Soave, Bolla Bardolino, and Bolla Valpolicella, and powerful red wines are still among my favorites! Over the ensuing years, my palate has come to appreciate wines of all colors, with or without bubbles. I have a collection of nearly 800 bottles, most of which are old world wines, and enjoy them several times a week.   

As you can tell, I really love wine, so after decades in the tech world, I decided to follow my passion and start my own wine business. I love talking about wine, writing about it, learning about it, and, of course, drinking it! Currently, I write a wine blog and represent wines from the Boisset Collection. Our portfolio includes wines from 25 different wineries located in Napa, Sonoma, and France. 

These are terrific wines, and we have a selection of around 200 wines available at any time, so our clients are not locked into shopping from a single winery. They can mix and match quantities and selections from among our wineries. Best of all, our wines are delivered directly to the home or office. For the wine enthusiast, there are pages with tasting notes and tech info as well as pairing suggestions for each wineBasically, our value proposition is that you get personalized recommendations for fine wines from 25 wineries, delivered directly to you without any of the hassles of going out and dealing with Covid-19!. 

truly believe that wine is for sharing, and I have been constantly making new friends over a glass or two of wine. It will be great to do this with some of your associates.

I am looking forward to hosting the virtual tastings for you!
Alan D. Alters 
Wine Concierge
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