Tiny Houses Ordered! September 08, 2021


Our first 3 tiny houses have been ordered

Since this is a pilot launch site these tiny houses are on the small side so that we can exhibit a physical example of what is possible.  The first one is 12'x10' and will be built in the back yard. It will be completely designed as an off grid option. The second one at 8'x12' will be built and placed in front of house to showcase our hot sauna for 2/3 people and will be used to attract walkers by and community into the Holly House.  It takes about 10 weeks for delivery and we will be having a community build day event so folks can witness and participate in the build. The third tiny house at 12'x10' will be showcased at the Bellevue Art Museums Architecture Exhibition from Nov 2021- Apr 2022 to show case a new way to do community development from the ground up/grass roots level. Stay posted!