Thank You and 21-Day Details April 14, 2021

Thank you for joining us for "Travel With Bakari"! We hope you enjoyed seeing each other, hearing from our amazing families, had a little fun, and learned something new.

21-Day Activity Information:

Please Signup (link below) for the 21-day Activity which is included in your registration fee and meant to get us moving now that spring has arrived. We will have fun, get badges, and win more PRIZES!



  • Walk, run, bike, swim, or do any combination on your own. 
  • Submit your mileage daily, weekly, or at the end. 
  • All mileage must be submitted by 11:59 pm on May 4th to be eligible to win prizes.

How do I submit my mileage?

1. Login 

2. Go to givesignup.org or runsignup.com

3. Click profile
4. Under profile go to upcoming events
5. Click submit virtual results

6. Enter time and distance

With gratitude and love,

The Bakari Foundation