Frequently Asked Questions June 08, 2021

How large is each cutout?

16”x 47”

Where will my cutout sit?
Seat assignments will be randomly selected by Drum Corps International.
Can I choose my seat?
Due to limitations, specific sections and rows are unavailable for this program and we cannot accommodate seat requests.

Can I keep my cutout after the Indianapolis Celebration Events?
When donating for your cut out, if you live in the U.S., you will have the option to add-on shipping of the cut out. We are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. Please note: Drum Corps International will make every effort to maintain the cut outs in excellent condition, but cannot guarantee the condition of each cut out.
Can multiple people be in one photo?
One person per photo is recommended due to the size of the cutout.
Are there any restrictions to the photo I upload?
We are unable to create cutouts that include the following:
• Commercial advertisements, including slogans, websites, and phone numbers
• Personal identification such as names, email addresses, license plates, phone numbers, street addresses, Social media handles and hashtags
• Offensive or negative references to DCI or any DCI corps
• No political statements, logos, slogans, or other political content.
• Third party logos/branding
• Images of a celebrity
• No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or firearms/weapons
• Images that portray obscene, lewd, explicit, discriminatory, derogatory, violent, offensive, infringing or otherwise inappropriate content are strictly prohibited and will be discarded.
• Please note: Drum Corps International reserves the right to refuse any photos.

How will I know if the photo I upload is accepted? / Will anyone contact me?
After completion of your donation, a member of DCI’s staff will review your photo and only reach out to you if your photo is not approved and needs to be resubmitted.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
A portion of your donation will not be tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt with pertinent information in this regard. Check with your tax preparation professional for additional detail.
What if I have additional questions?
For more information about this opportunity, please contact us at
When will I receive my cutout?
If you select to have your cut out shipped to you, they will be sent after the Indianapolis Celebration Events August 14. Shipments can take up to 4-6 weeks. Shipping is only available within the United States at this time. We are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes. Please note: Drum Corps International will make every effort to maintain the cut outs in excellent condition, but cannot guarantee the condition of each cut out.
Can I submit a pic in a military uniform?
Yes, you may submit a photo in a military uniform.
Can I submit a pic of my pet for my cutout?
Yes, as long as they are a drum corps fan!
Will fans be able to view and download a photo of their cut out in LOS?
Yes! Photos of DCI Fan Cut Outs will be posted to the DCI Facebook page.
I live in another country, can I donate and receive a cutout?
You can donate and have a cut out produced for the 2021 Celebration Events in Lucas Oil Stadium, however we will be unable to ship cut outs outside of the US.

Photo Submission Helpful Hints June 08, 2021

What to Wear
• Drum corps attire and / or drum corps colors are encouraged.
• Make sure your clothing and the background are contrasting colors.
• Wearing a hat too low will cast a shadow on your eyes and conceal your face.
• If you wear a hat, make sure there is a good light source in front of our face.
• If you wear glasses, try tilting/angling your face to avoid glare on your glasses. Avoid using the flash.
• For best results use a solid-color background. Use a sheet or blanket if you don’t have a blank wall that will work.
• Good front lighting works best. Avoid standing with your back to a window or door.
• Keep personal or private information off of the walls or objects behind you. We are unable to remove backgrounds from photos.

Taking the Photo
• Have someone else take your picture. Selfies are not recommended.
• Aim from the waist up and keep your arms to your sides.
• Stand 3 - 4 feet away from the camera/phone, and have the photo taken at your eye level. Photos taken by smartphones are perfectly fine. When submitting the photo, make sure it is the largest possible size. Don’t compress the file.
• Include some space around your head and shoulders so that your body is not chopped off.
• Photo should be taken vertically or portrait.
• Only one person in the photo.
• Smile!
Uploading Your Photo
• You will upload your photo after selecting your fan cut out (and shipping if desired) and entering your personal details on the form on the main page

Please note: Drum Corps International will not be obligated to provide the
purchaser a refund if a submitted photo is rejected for any reason. All
sales are final - no refunds.